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With Literary Love – Etsy Shop


For the ‘Classic’ reader

After crafting and creating bundles of literary paper art, gifts and keepsakes and sending these to friends, I decided to open an Etsy shop where others can receive these too! My friends loved having their dreamy snail mail packages arrive in the post which they unwrapped excitedly, discovering handmade gifts in a personalised theme. They were a joy for me to make and send, and I realised that there are plenty of book lovers out there who enjoy literary gifts just as much as I do.


For the adventure reader, the lover of epic tales and journey stories

I’ve customised notebooks and put together postcards, prints, charms, stickers and other little goodies into bundles: Classic, Romantic, Adventure, Fairytale, Magical and Curious and soon to come, Gothic.

Close Up

The Romantic Bundle would make an excellent gift for your book lover Valentine

Visit With Literary Love on Etsy and take a closer look – I ship worldwide, wrapping up your literary bundle with care and sending it to you with love, like a pen pal from across the world ❤


From the Fairytale Bundle – for those who love tales of fame, magic and wonder.


One comment on “With Literary Love – Etsy Shop

  1. mitraarchita
    January 22, 2015

    Looks beautiful! 😀

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