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Five Minute Poetry


Using the senses in a poem is key. We want to know what colours smell like, what sound looks like and what feelings taste like, we want to feel this moment in all its possible forms.

Here is an exercise to help you push the walls back on your imagination when you construct a poem.

Pick an emotion. For example: Nervousness.

Now describe what it sounds like, looks like, smells like, feels like (think of the sensation of its touch) and tastes like. Starting each line as so:

It sounds like…white noise jumping between radio stations

It looks like…the loose door of a metal shack swinging back and forth in a gale force breeze

It smells like…a puff of car exhaust

It feels like…hundreds of startled jellyfish

It tastes like…a spoonful of mustard

This is quite insightful and fun to play with; you’ll be surprised at all the creative ways that you can similie this emotion that you’re trying to convey. Try it for contrasting emotions such as ‘bliss’ or ‘calm’, cover them all if you wish. Write a poem and try to include one of these senses.

Happy Writing!


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