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Writing From The Heart


This is what The Heart of Writing is all about, writing from the heart, speaking your truth! No matter what you write, you are still making a connection with yourself. They are your words, your thoughts, your ideas and in order to get the best of yourself onto the page, you need to be able to be in your heart.

Back in December when I started The Heart of Writing workshops, one of the first exercises I got the group to do is to visualise a heart’s desire. By thinking about something you long for, a dream or goal that you have or something you just really want because you believe it will make you happy, puts you in a positive state. It sparks your creativity because it awakens the right side of the brain, the hemisphere that we use to imagine and dream.

Once the group held their individual visions in place and their hearts were happy from drawing their desires in close, I asked them to write about having their desire, to describe in the present tense what it looks like, what their life is like at that time and what it feels like to be experiencing something that they’ve always wanted; the stories that came up were fabulous.

I suggest you try this before you get cracking on any of your other writing projects as it sets you up to write from the core of you. You are then grounded, positive and relaxed; having practiced this exercise of honing focus, you can create from a state of clarity.


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